Bryce Canyon National Park, USA

Just to make your mouth water and set the scene, the National Park Service (NPS), which manages the natural and historical heritage of the United States, has elected Bryce Canyon National Park as the most beautiful national park in the United States... And when you're at Sunrise Point to watch the sunrise, you'll certainly think they're right...

In this park, you'll meet hundreds of multicolored "hoodoos" and spend a long time wondering how nature could have created this wonderful spectacle... For millions of years, the work of undermining water and frost has carved here a unique landscape..: huge fairy chimneys, some of which have received a name (Thor's Hammer, Queen Victoria, The Hunter, The Rabbit, Indian Princess...), large rock walls, several meters high and wide, arches...

Making a trip to the American West and missing out on this wonder would be a big mistake. This park is a must, like Grand Canyon National Park or Monument Valley.

Blackduck, USA
1067 New Zealand State Highway 43, New Zealand
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